So, umm, yea...Hi.

Somehow I lost a serious amount of time in updating my little piece of the blog-verse. Life is moving in the right direction...just a little quicker sometimes than I think is necessary. ;)

 My last update said I was going to a "Roller Derby Boot Camp"...and I absolutely LOVED every single heart-pounding second of it. I've spent the past couple weeks attending practices with a team near where I live and I've made the decision to join them. It'll still be awhile until I can start participating in scrimmages and bouts, but I can wait. I even splurged a little and bought myself a decent pair of entry-level derby skates.

 Of course, my biggest hurdle I have yet to overcome is my derby name. I have a few that I like...but none that scream my name, so to speak.

  • Sandra Dee-Stroya (as in Sandra Dee from Grease)
  • Valleygirl, Interrupted
  • Kismet Killer
  • Stacked & Charming (again with Grease, Stockard Channing)
  • ....?
I'm accepting suggestions! If you're curious, the national roller girl name list is at:

My-Boy and I are doing fabulous. He's started shopping for my ring and showed me a few of them earlier this week. I must say, we have similar taste (Thank God). We're also starting to look for his ring too. It's quite exciting. Considering the work he does really picks up during the holidays...he's essentially in vacation "black-out" until January. We're looking at eloping in February to Niagara Falls. It's classic, timeless and very much us. It'll just be the two of us (per my request) and we'll most likely have another ceremony for the family & friends later.

Mr. On-His-Own...well he's still himself. Soon we won't have anything to really speak about again as he finally (finally, finally) secured a loan to "buy" his car from me and pay me back some money from last year. It's the last vestige of our relationship and it's merely more of a technicality. I will admit I still feel guilty for leaving & moving on from our marriage. In time I'm sure I'll come to terms with it. I know, mentally, I made the best decision in my entire life. Emotionally, I feel like an asshat.

My Dad and I have been communicating fairly regularly. It looks like we're trying to build a relationship we really never had before. Good things are coming from this.

Work. Well, work is always fun. I've been in Michigan & the new job an entire year this month. I'm finally making friendly connections with my co-workers and it turns out that I like them. Not that I thought it would go any other's just that these things take time. I still haven't been released out of training yet and that's driving me absolutely BATTY. Of course, there are 2 other people in "training" with I'm not alone, per se. Maybe within another month I can finally start getting overtime.

You know, I quite my part-time job because I was supposed to be out of training 2 months ago. While I appreciate that I'm getting more sleep...I hate having less money. I can wait a little longer...maybe. =P

And my final update is awesome! 

One of my New Year Resolutions was to lose 2" off my measurements. And I really can't say with confidence that I was dedicated to that cause (despite the copious amounts of whining I do about my weight). About 3 weeks ago, I joined a website that helps me track my intake and expenditure of calories ( Though it's all technically a numbers game (weight reduction = intake < output) there are other factors like making sure your body doesn't enter into "starvation mode" and so forth. I'm proud to announce that I'm 5 pounds lighter than I was 3 weeks ago. I also decided to measure myself and I've lost a half an inch on my measurements. I'm going in the right direction!

My goal is to hit 130-ish by February. It is doable...

What Would You Call...You?

For the next three Thursdays, I will be vigorously attending Roller Derby Boot Camp. I can't wait!

How much I like the boot camp will determine if I'm willing to put forth the money and time to actually try out for a team. But what if I love it?

What the hell will my name be?! Short of skills, the NAME makes the player.

I found this little gem: and came up with a few cute ones...
  • Karma Suture
  • Jane Ire
  • Lady Isahella
  • Pamdemic
Ladies, do you ever wonder what YOUR roller derby name would be?

WTF Florida?!

Not Guilty?!


I'm incredibly pissed off and my heart just aches for that poor little girl.

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